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Control Panels

With over 20 years experience in the industrial industry. Supplying and installing control panels is second nature to us.
Being an end user for many years gave us great experience in how to improve many areas of this sector.
Retro control will work closely with you to establish your control requirements, it may be the case that you have control panels that need modernising or adapting to suit growing needs, this is not a problem. We will also refurbish your existing control panels to keep the costs down and to maintain modern standards.

If you have a machine or piece of equipment that does not comply with safety regulations or is out of date or simply needs expanding, we can design and build a new control system as a direct replacement or adapt your existing equipment.
Brewhouse Control Panel automatic level control via inverter drive, mill control via soft start control
Variable speed conveyer control panel with auxillary power
Variable speed fan control with remote control
Temperature control with mixer control fondant kettle
6 x Fan control with time delay
Conveyor control with power distridtion and category 3 safety